I enjoy making digital images by collaging, altering and captioning existing pictures to express my ideas. Sometimes the final images exist only in digital form; some have been made into postcards. I am a deltiologist or postcard collector and appreciator, and sometimes incorporate them into my artwork and concepts.

Some of these images refer to Pork Roll, the iconic meat product still made in Trenton. The irony is that I've been a vegetarian for over 40 years!


"Trenton: Not Even the Governor Wants to Live Here" digital political image based on a vintage poster stamp.

"Trenton: Pork Roll Capital" Postcards - digital image based on a vintage poster stamp - $12 a dozen including shipping.

"Pork Roll Day at the NJ State Fair" Postcards - fantasy digital collage - $12 a dozen including shipping.

"How We Roll in Trenton, NJ" Postcards - based on a vintage exaggeration postcard - $12 a dozen including shipping.

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